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      December the 27th, 1862.

      Say, oh Dutch'y, will ye fight mit Si-gel?

      "Then down you go," says the Sergeant, sousin him again.Some severely-wounded men came slowly pushing their way through the chaparral.



      This time it was a "contraband"an old negro, who stood shivering with terror as the guard held him at the point of the bayonet. Recalling the unlucky adventures of the night. Si imagined that it was one of the officers, who had blackened himself like a minstrel, and had come there purposely to "catch him."


      Somehow, I dropped onto it in a minnit that he wuz schemin' to git me away from Abraham LincolnHe strode back towards the gates. But there was no certainty in his carriage. He suspected he had been fooled. Pen all but laughed aloud.